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... Acquire the technique . . . and relax yourself.

To view the images in 3-D, cross your eyes until a composite image forms in the
middle. You then focus on the center image until it becomes totally clear. This is not an easy
technique. Some people can master it in less than a few minutes, and others in more than one hour
(and a small percentage can't see them at all). But once you succeeded, you will be able able to see the 3D in less than
a second later on. And it's really worth it !
However, I have to prevent you from headaches and nauseas when experiencing this technique, especially the first times.
This technique uses your eye muscles in ways you aren't yet used to. If you
start to suffer eye strain or begin to get a headache, take a break and try
again later. According to some eye doctors, it actually makes the muscles
in your eye stronger, thus improving not hurting. I hope they're right. It can take months to
develop a comfortable and flexible control of your viewing mechanism.
Finally, I suggest you start the training with the static samples below.
Only one word: remove the cursor of the mouse from the pictures during 3D viewing.

197 Ko01217 Ko02225 Ko03236 Ko0498 Ko05243 Ko06

160 Ko07193 Ko08210 Ko09123 Ko10142 Ko11211 Ko12

(Below, the animations have been made with several 2D pictures included in the rotating models of the
website. Check out this website ! It provides some very good solutions and devices
(turntables for example) highly useful to promote products or people. And with an additionnal
post-processing (like I did), they can greatly help to make stereoscopic pictures or animations.)

601 Ko
13485 Ko14652 Ko15826 Ko161.02 meg17

575 Ko18581 Ko19514 Ko201.16 meg211.24 meg22

747 Ko23717 Ko24516 Ko25558 Ko26500 Ko27

677 Ko28625 Ko29523 Ko30829 Ko31629 Ko32

622 Ko33659 Ko341.21 meg35566 Ko36597 Ko37

Ghost in The Shell 2 : Innocence - (animated)

Les Halles d'Auteuil (Paris) - 2004/01/30

197 Ko38217 Ko39225 Ko40236 Ko4198 Ko42243 Ko43

Pouliguen (Loire-Atlantique) - 2004/02/14

197 Ko44217 Ko45225 Ko46236 Ko4798 Ko48243 Ko49

Parc Floral de la Beaujoire (Nantes) - 2004/02/20

197 Ko50217 Ko51225 Ko52236 Ko5398 Ko54243 Ko55


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